I am an Advanced Mixed Gas eCCR diver on the Megalodon rebreather and a Full Cave (multi-stage, technical, DPV) certified diver.

If you are interested in diving around the Geneva Lake region, please contact me.

Here are some useful links and videos (might need to be opened in a separate window).

Video: Cave Diving in Cova de Sa Gleda - Majorca

Video: Deep diving in Kelibia - Tunisia

Video (part 1): Cave diving in Pet Cemetery Cenote - Mexico Video (part 2)

Video : Cave diving in Mexico

Video HD: Wreck diving Truk Lagoon Video mp4

Video: Wreck diving USS Saratoga (Bikini atoll) Video: HIJMS Nagato

Video: Wreck diving HMS Audacious (Donegal Ireland) Video: Empire Heritage Video: U89

Megalodon rebreather

SF Tech drysuits

Bonex scooters

Abyss Plongee